Tom’s club racer

This is another club racer. I know Independant Fabrications has a model called a club racer too but the term “club racer” is an old one. So I don’t feel like I’m ripping their idea off. Besides, they don’t do lugs. This bike, like the previous two, is designed around standard reach caliper brakes and the brake bridge and fork are built so the brake pads are near the bottom of the slot. This requires a fair bit of accuracy during the build because if the fork is a little too long or the bridge too high and the brakes won’t reach the rims. That’s bad! Why do I bother with this? Well this sort of bike is all about options. The additional clearances under the brakes allow for a range of tire widths and the eyelets make fenders possible. Tom lives in So. Cal so fenders probably won’t make sense but who knows? If he wants to stick 30mm tires on and explore fire roads he can. If that doesn’t appeal to him 23mm will be just as at home on this frame. The lugs, crown and bb shell are Sachs castings. Tom has agreed to let me paint it anyway I wish. How cool is that? I will be painting the same as Pete’s club racer because they want me to. Pete lives on the East coast so the twins will be seperated by about 3000 miles. Hopefully they will get ridden together sometime though.